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June 22, 2008

Designer Sunday...

It's been a roasting hot day again today. Just as we thought the weather was cooling, it's gone back up again. If you get chance to look at the weather in India at the moment it's fascinating.

The monsoon is coming in hard but completley missing Banagalore!!

As it was so hot today, after Church, the kids and Sarah had an afternoon watching DVD's at home. Not really my thing (sitting in front of the box) so I sat in the lounge with them and doodled on the PC - as one has a tendency to do sometimes...!

Part of the targets I have set myself/Raj has asked me to look at is to look at helping him design 3 docs for PR purposes. One of the things we are playing with is establishing more of a brand for the Trust so that people start to recognize it. The 3 design bits of work I have to look at are:

1. A '100 club' leaflet: We are looking at setting up a scheme similar to that which many charities have where we 'recruit' 100 Indian supporters to support the Trust by paying a monthly gift of Rs1000 (nearly £12) per month by direct debit to the Trust's bank account.
2. A Fishermen Trust leaflet: Raj has other PR materials he uses (not much to be honest) but doesn't have a TFT leaflet. I have had a play around with some designs today (see right) and plan to go through them with him tommorrow. This is far from being a skill of mine so no laughing eh??!!
3. Fishermen Trust website: The trust currently has a blog which I manage for them (see here) but we both feel a promotional type website would be good to complement the blog.
Again. I've had a play around with designs (a couple of example web pages are shown top and below).
We'll see if Raj likes them tomorrow. It's just to get the ball rolling really....

Any ideas gratefully welcome....