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January 05, 2008

"What time is it? Party time"

The title for the blog will either drive horror into any parent with a child these days or make you wonder if I have lost my marbles.....It's one of the songs from High School Musical 2 which is on constant repeat in our house (once the kids have gone to bed anyway!)

And the link with today??? Well, kids and I have had a bit of a jolly today! As they (and I) were a bit down as we couldn't see Sarah, I booked tickets late yesterday for the kids to see High School Musical on Ice at the NEC in Birmingham - Disney at it's cheesiest!! Great show and the kids loved it - gave them a bit of a pick me up.....

We have managed to smuggle Sarah's mobile (and a big bag of goodies) into her via a very considerate staff nurse (sounds like something off of Big Brother doesn't it??). The contraband phone means we have been able to text and call her all day. You can too if you want. It will keep her happy.
She's doing well and fairly upbeat really. She managed to walk three steps with a zimmer frame which is good.