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January 04, 2008

9.30pm update..and counting....

Hey I'm really onto something here!! This blogging lark is getting addictive. Not for me, but for all of you!!! I must have all of 20 texts/calls/e mails to say 'thanks so much for the blog updates, we continue to watch them avidly.....'

Oi you lot get a life!! It's only sad people like me that have to sit at a computer each day. Stop hovering over a PC waiting for an update on my missus!!!!

The latest is: I called the ward tonight and the answer to my 'how is she?' question was (and I quote) 'she's fine, she felt a bit queasy this morning but she hasn't got 'the bug' and she's OK'. I said 'is that it?' she says 'yes'. Bye!!

2008 nurse training is clearly not as technical as I thought it was!!