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June 18, 2007

Envision '07

Had a good weekend just gone 16th/17th July at the Envision conference which is a regional conference for New frontiers church's. Our Church is exploring the possibility of 'joining' NFI.
The conference was good but as it was camping the site was completely rain out with mud up to our ankles etc!!! Fortunately we had bottled taking our tent and asked a friend at work if we could borrow her VW camper. We felt so cool driving it there and being the centre of attention of all the other campers!!! Here is the famous bluebell:
One of the highlights of the weekend group of the lads (well old men actually) from CLC joined in (what became a very serious) tug of war contest with yours truly as the anchor!!
We battled hard (with 5 tugs in a row (I was totally shot!) and got to the final only to be pipped to the post. Some of the guys in the opposing teams from Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester etc was so bloomin' beefy I don't know we did so well....
That's me on the right!! Only problem is I am typing this up the day after and I have seriously strained my arm and back!!!!! It wasn't like the day job that's for sure!!