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July 28, 2008

More bombs..

It's getting a bit scary out here!! Although we are well away from the latest bomb blasts, the atmoshpere in the Country is fairly hyped at the moment.

The latest news this morning is that Indian authorities have arrested around 30 people as the death-toll from a spate of bombings in the city Ahmedabad has risen to 45.

Vehicles burned where an device went off in Ahmadabad, leaving over 100 injured. At least 16 small bombs exploded in the Indian city of Ahmedabad yesterday, killing at least 39 people and wounding 110.

On Friday, as we mentioned on our blog, another set of blasts in Bangalore killed a woman.

A little known group called the "Indian Mujahideen" says it carried out the Ahmedabad attack.
The same group said it carried out bombs attacks that killed 63 people in the western city of Jaipur in May. It is unusual for any group to claim responsibility, but Police say it suspects militant groups from Pakistan and Bangladesh are behind a wave of bombings in recent years.

"The entire nation, including major metro cities in India have been put on high alert and they have been asked to step up security in vital installations," a home ministry spokesman said.
In New Delhi, police have been using loudspeakers and distributing leaflets in crowded market places, warning people to watch out for unclaimed baggage and suspicious objects.

Nothing major for us in terms of impact other that every shop, restaurant or other major place you go to you have to open your bag and have it checked. Bit frustrating really but nothing else.