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July 28, 2008

Relax! It looks worse than it is....

Oh dear!! Just after Dad was blogging/joking (below) about the changing of Esme's earrings, she goes and knocks a solid teak dining room chair over onto her foot with the corner of the chair crashing on 2 of her toes. Ouch!!! Real bad pain and tears and all. Don't often get them from Es.

We feared she had broken the toes as they went numb etc and the pain was so bad so we took her to a local hospital and got her seen to. Paid a few rupees to see a doctor immediately (not like the UK!) who checked her out. No breaks and thbey bandaged the toes up and sent us home.

The picture makes it look more grand than it was!! That's India for you - if they can serve you in some way- they will!!

Going to and from the hospital in ricks with a daughter in excruciating agony was fun I can tell you (!) but she's a brave old thing and is now chilling on the sofa ready to go to the airport to get Paul (my brother) who is now here at 11.30pm tonight.
1st accident in 3 months though - not bad eh??!