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June 18, 2008

Prep time

Things may go a little quiet over the next couple of weeks or so. I have agreed with Raj to reduce the amount of times we meet together so that I can have at least 2 days a week to prepare all I need to for the following:
- Trustees retreat day
-Corporate training day
- Leadership training weekend

It's all very well setting these training sessions up but then it dawns on you that you have to have prepared well in advance if the people coming are going to get the best from you!!

I do have some content for some of the sessions I am doing (Rob will obviously be doing lots too) but still need to prepare for modules on:

  • Developing, safeguarding and promoting your values and mission
  • The mission and purpose of 'charity'
  • Key responsibilities of a charity and trustees
  • Team roles for Board and staff members
  • Setting plans and monitoring them
  • Managing and supporting for staff
  • New models for reporting
  • The need for leaders to lead!
  • Being an effective leader
  • Being open, honest and accountable
  • Organisational principles
  • Developing, safeguarding and promoting your values and mission
  • Networking and partnerships
  • Developing projects & planning

So I plan to work at least Thursday's Fridays. Please remember me as it's hard trying to prepare when you have so many distractions here - noise, family (a good distraction but..), heat etc

And expect a few less exciting blogs for a while (if you think they have been exciting that is!!)

Lets hope the training is a little more paticipatory than it was at this training event in Bangalore I saw on the web today!