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June 18, 2008

A picture that reflects where we are at

On Tuesdays we have a time of prayer for the Trust and then a staff meeting - the latter being one of a whole host of things I suggested we start as a 'team' whilst I am out here in the hopes that these things become habits that are harder to break when I go home.

Over the last 2/3 weeks and especially during the prayer time yesterday we really felt we wanted to focus on the priority being getting the land for the Trust to build the adventure centre on. It is clear to me that when this land comes to Raj and the Trust, the Trust will explode in terms of what it does. All the contacts are ready (UK and here) to come, plan, build, train etc etc and they are all waiting for 'the land'.

We have been working and praying hard for this land and I have been encouraging Raj to push forward even further to acquire it. So, yesterday we took a map of the state (Karnataka) and spent some time looking at the map, ruling out certain parts, focusing on others and then praying for where it is that God wants to lead Raj for that land. The pic above I just thought summed up where we are at at the moment - Raj & Nandu praying over the map for guidance!

One place that we are keen to look at further (amongst some others) is Chikmagalur which, as well as being in the hills and having amazing scenery etc, also has a large lake (dam etc) and is only 2 hours from Bangalore.

We are toying with the idea of getting some of the tents together and trekking up that way for a few days over the weekend. We'll see..