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June 26, 2008

Prep, prep and more prep...

Apart from yesterday, I have spent most of the last 3/4 days locked away preparing for the month of training we have coming up.

The first training session starts next Saturday (the day after Rob arrives) with a day for the Fishermen Trust trustees (and a few others). I am getting to the stage where most of the programme for this day has been set up (see pic for example slides). Just need some of the content from Rob etc

Next huge milestone is to prepare for the leadership academy for Pastors, leaders of NGO's and Christian organsations etc.

This is a weekend residential programme from Friday 11th am - 13th am so there is loads to prepare for this.


Want to get as much prep done so that when Rob arrives (and then Tina, his wife, and their kids arrive on the 11th we can give all our attention to them from the 14th July. After they have gone, we have a weekend spare and then my brother comes over from China for 10 days and then....we are a few days away from coming home!!!!Arggghhh!!!