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June 25, 2008

1000th blog hit!!

Well I started this blog lark some time back now (2006 to be precise) but did not really get into blogging until early this year - when the India trip begun to loom. I really didn't realise how interesting blogging would be - for me and for the people that read this. I have had so many positive comments from people who have said they are following the blog daily - thanks guys. Some of the people that have become addicted (slight exaggeration!!) to our blog are people I would never have expected to even be on a PC!!

I set up a counter on the blog to see how many people had visited the website from the start of this year - actual visits not flipping from page to page and this morning we had our 1000th blog visit!! That constitutes approx just over 3000 individual page hits!! I know all this as Ihave now signed up to Google's Analytics (sado!) as Google manage the site my blog is on. My analytics pages collect (for free) stats from hits to our blog so can also now see:

What page people view the most
Where in the world people are viewing from
On average how long people are on the site.
Plus loads of other stuff

Oh yes.....Big brother is watching you!!

Since we came to India, we have had people view the blog from 11 Countries. The shaded areas shown in the pic below are where hits have come from. Darker the shade the more the hits:
UK: (all our chums there - especially the 'Mo Collings crew' on Monday's! See previous post)
India: (that's me spending all day clicking my site just for more hits insecurity thing!)
China - Hi Paul! (My brother)
Africa & South Africa - Hi Tim & M (Good friends)
America - Hi Paul Dass (I think!) (Indian friend)
Poland - who is this?!!
France - who is this?!!
Norway - Hi Tom and Merete (Old Bible College friends)
Germany - who is this?!!
Northern Ireland - Colin?? (Raj's friend)
New Zealand - Hi Sarah's family
Just amazing eh. Can't really see me keeping this up when I get home as life is far less exciting - unless I am flooded with requests that if!!!

Thanks to all of you for being so ineteresed in our tiny little lives over here!!