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June 04, 2008

One of those days....

It's getting to the stage, now we have been here 5 weeks or so, where we are saying to each other 'that was another one of those days'......we know what we mean.....There are so many frustrations out here with the way things are done, the way people are, the cultural 'no go's' etc. That's by no means inferring that what the Indians do here is wrong in anyway, it just means that the way we do things in the UK is different! Words just can't describe at times. It really takes some getting your head round....

Add to this the heat and the feeling of being out of your comfort zone and you have a tiny insight into the struggles that there are just being here...let alone working etc

Yesterday was one of those days! In my head I thought I was clear about what we were doing and how the day would go. In reality...100% different. So many misunderstandings, miscommunication, feeling of 'what's the point?', why do I bother etc......Most of them probably down to me I guess but it was a massively frustrating day yesterday and I came home very flat. Very flat. Sarah not too positive either so we both had a good old moan and rant. Not appropriate to go into all the details of why on the web but do keep thinking/praying for us. It's blinkin' hard here at times.

This morning, still feeling a little flat but have just been out for a nice meal at 'Koshys' which is one of the oldest restaurants of Bangalore. Had a nice time as a family as Wednesday is day off for the family. Off to the Bit's club this afternoon so it's a chill day.

Tim (senior leader at our Church at home) arrives early hours of tomorrow morning and Sarah and I were saying last night that it feels like he is coming at just the right time.....we need to offload!!