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June 09, 2008

New Frontiers links

Spent a lot of time this morning with Tim and Raj talking about the Trust and where it is at, where it is going etc etc. Good time. CLC (our home Church in Hereford) is increasingly wanting to support the Fishermen Trust and one of the reasons Tim is here is to explore that link further and try and put some 'flesh on the bones'.
CLC is in the process of joining the New Frontiers movement so it was useful for us all to go to the Frontier Management Centre (run by New Frontiers India) in the afternoon. This is a great place - very high standard rooms, catering and conference facilities - and with the sole focus of making a huge profit which all goes to support Pastors of small NF churches across all of India. A kid of profit making company producing income for the Church's. The boss there (a guy called Ezekiel) has been highly trained in the hospitality trade and provides an excellent facility - one of the best I have seen in India fo a long time.
It was great this see this venue as:
a. This is where we are to have our leadership training academy on the 11th - 13th July
b. Tim could make some NF connections there and get names and contacts from India for when he goes to the NF annual conference in Brighton
c. This can now become another option of where we would accommodate a team when we bring one over from the UK