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June 27, 2008

Breaking news!!

Well the blog is fast becoming the place where we are breaking news on the Hider family . Today, I am shocked and stunned to tell you the latest in the Hider house. After much begging from the daughter re: getting her ears pierced and then much debate between Mum and Dad over recent weeks over when etc we decided to let Es have her ears pierced here in India - she will always have a memory of her time here in India

So, after the tears this morning and a bit of home sickness Sarah decided to treat her and take her to a place called Gurada Mall (see pic on right) and have them done.

Here's the den of iniquity where the dirty deed was done!!

and here is the result. Look at the delight on that face!!!!!

and the wicked woman who organised the dirty deed....!!!

Another memory of India that will never go away....!!!