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May 15, 2008

It all seems a little brighter this morning..

Woke at 8.30am after a 12 hour sleep – wonderful!! Sun was out today so we had a lazy morning and went off to town in the afternoon. Things didn’t seem to be as challenging as they were last night! Views from the school are pretty stunning and it a lovely temperature with it being almost identical to a British summer.

Breakfast here is a challenge (as is lunch and dinner for that matter!!!) although they have found out that we like eggs in the morning which is good. They are just not set up for westerners at all here – either in terms of what we might like or actually having food that we can eat. It’s just various forms of curry breakfast, dinner and tea – I kid you not!! Idlies are good (see pic) - kind of rice cup cakes. So the family have found a bread shop and have been eating crisps and bread almost every meal. This begins to get really boring after a while…..

Went down to the lake which is the focus of Kodaikanal and the kids went horse riding and bike riding and even had a ride on boat on the lake – all for about £4 for all!! Quite nice an relaxing really. Spent some time in the afternoon preparing for my talks (5 sessions) that I have to do.

Went to Coakers Walk (pic) this afternoon which had the most stunning scenery I have seen in a long time – really nice. Josh fell and cracked his head! See pic...