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May 11, 2008

I'm a Brit...get me out of here!!

Up at 7am as the blankets had to back to the cooks to pack away. Raj spoke at 8am with the final talk/challenge.

Left camp at 10am for a 2 ½ trek back through the forest to get back to where the coaches were. Hard work (for the kids especially) but, yet again, there was not one grumble really from them.

Joined the coaches and drove back to Ooty via even more scary roads than we had been on before. Arrived in Ooty about 2pm and stopped at St Stephen’s Church which was a fascinating place with a whole loads of graves from the days of ‘The Raj’. Then we found out that we couldn’t get any tickets home to Bangalore and would have to stay the night in Ooty!! Couldn’t really work out why the tickets couldn’t have been booked before but that’s just the way it is at times here! Coach booked for 8am the following morning. We went up to the offices of Scripture Union to settle and get ready for sleeping there tonight.

Went down to Ooty in the evening and had a nice time. Kids had pizza and chips!! Esme still not well – no energy and not eating enough to get her better.

Home and ready for bed which consisted of the (stone) floor and a blanket!! Slept awful.