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May 26, 2008

Bangalore's got talent!

Sarah and I had a 'show' performed to us today by the kids. Doing a 'show' is something the kids used to do loads with our friends the Cooke's and the Sheridan's in Hereford and I reckon that the lack of toys out here for them has sent them regressing back to those days!!

They disappeared for an hour and came out saying 'we will do you a show but you have to pay 15 rupees'. Cheeky oicks!! After negotiating free refreshments served by the kids we obliged and we got a 20 minute show.

The following is the song Josh made up. Amazing eh?? Essie's role was the percussion....Enjoy!

Best way I find is to click 'play' then 'pause', let it load (see line filling up at bottom) and then when totally full click play again...