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January 31, 2008

Prayer doesn't work does it???

This is a question I have been wrestling a lot with recently.........
In fact there's a hec of a lot I have been wrestling with recently but that's for another day. I am currently 'sitting on all that' at the moment!! A technical term......

I thought I had half (only half!!) made my mind up recently on this question (in one of my real down days) but have now been massively challenged by the whole "India prayer thing". If you remember (the details are below), we had set 4 very tall order (some may say stupid) prayer aims/fleeces about going to India.
These targets really were totally impossible at the time we set them.
They were:

Sarah's op to happen @ right time: At the time this was completely unrealistic - We were told by surgeon 3 months waiting list for bone scan and then maybe you go on the op list. That was in October 2007. There was no way with those timescales we were going to India in May.....

Our house - rent it out in time: Until 3 weeks ago we have not had one person interested in renting our house despite promoting it etc. Not one. This had been our biggest worry to the point where we had worked out if it was possible to leave it empty and save to cover the mortgage...

Get a house in Bangalore: Nothing at all really had happened on this as Raj had said it was far too early. He was to start looking about now (January).... Enough money for the trip:

Lots of plans in hand and started to save well and then, if you remember, Sarah wrote her car off and we could not survive without hers. She needs it daily.

Well, as of tonight, we can reveal the following - some of you will have heard some of this news but don't think you have heard it all!!:

Mum’s op to happen @ right time:
We waited just 4 weeks in the end for the bone density scan (unheard of we hear) and, at the same time as being booked in for the scan, we were told Sarah also had the date for the operation (unheard of we hear - again!!).

Our original 'fleece' was to have the dates in before the end of 2007. In reality, Sarah ended up having the op on the 1st day that she could have had it in 2008. 1 day past our unrealistic deadline!!!
Our house - rent it out in time:
I had a note left on my desk by a mate who had been to a local C of E Church (for a Christening) where he had picked up a newssheet that mentioned a family moving to Hereford that needed a House. I e mailed them 'just by chance'. Well, we heard today that this family want to have our house for the whole time we are India and pay (most of) the mortgage!!!!
Get a house in Bangalore:
Raj took me to a lady's house when I was in India last time. There was no reason for this but he introduced me to her just to make a connection - no idea why really.
We had briefed Raj for a small (no larger than2 beds) house as we wanted to live as minimal as we can......

The lady he introduced us too called us the other day. She is in the UK at the moment (lives 50% time here and 50% in Bangalore. Details have yet to be confirmed but it would seem as if she is offering us her house for the 3.5 months!! The house has 3 beds (2 on suite - in India!!!!!!???), is on the 1st floor (no rats etc), huge lounge/diner, huge kitchen, filtered water, fridge freezer (!!), washing machine, balcony, wireless Internet etc etc. Can you believe it!!!?? This is just an amazing thing...... See the pics here.....

Amazing eh?? What's even more amazing is the lady in India and the couple wanting to rent our house have also been praying for answers to their prayers and are convinced we are it!!
Enough money for the trip:
And the last minor answer is this.....Some good friends of ours have offered to pay for all our flight tickets!!!!! Plus the Church is sponsoring us and another couple too. Unbelievable

Prayer doesn't work does it......?? All coincidences eh?? Answers on a postcard.......NOT!!!!

We are very, very blessed...thank you all for your prayers......