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January 24, 2008

Can we ask you to pray for us particularly at the moment.......??

As you know Sarah has had her op and all is going very well for her in the recovery etc. She has her next hospital appointment on the 20.2 and they will then tell her then if she can start to drive again etc. She's doing well though. With Sarah being out of action we have both been a bit pre occupied with her getting better and issues around the house (kids etc) and, if we are really honest have not given the India trip (and all it entails) the focus/prayer that we should have BUT.......

1. We have been in contact with a Christian family moving from Canterbury to Hereford in March who want to rent accommodation until their house in Canterbury is sold. We have shared all the details about our house etc and it is looking like a strong possibility that they will want to rent our house for some/most of the 3.5 months we are in India (on a slightly reduced rent). This is amazing as we had not got round to advertising it properly and this family just came out of the blue really.

2. We have had a call from an (English) friend of Raj's tonight who has offered us her house (that's it on the right - joke!!) for the 3.5 months we are out there!!! This, you may remember, was the last of our 4 targets we were praying for answers for. Details have yet to be confirmed but her house is 3 beds, 1st floor, 2 on suite (in India!!!!!!???), filtered water, fridge freezer (!!), washing machine, balcony, wireless Internet etc etc. Can you believe it!!!??

This is just an amazing thing......

Our prayer then........well, it is simply that things continue to go the way they are. These 2 events, along with the fact that we have had all our tickets paid for (!!!) etc will be the most amazing provision for us and we are really humbled BUT do pray that both of these situations come off as it seems as if they will........Both these families are making their decisions by the end of this week so please pray will you...? Many many thanks - we are blown away at God's provision.......just nervous.....!