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November 15, 2007

The Roller Coaster continues!!

Well, what a difference a week I (and God) can make......!!!

Sarah got a call from the hospital last week to say that she can have the bone density scan on the 6th December (we were told there is a 3 month waiting list for this alone) and they have also booked her in for the actual op (not sure if it's going to be a resurfacing of the hip or an actual replacement) on the 17.1.08. This after we had 'put out a fleece' type cut off point that if we hadn't got a date for the op and the house potentially let before the end of this year we would have to seriously consider the trip to India only 2 weesk ago!

We still have the challenge of renting the house out but you could argue 50% of our critical needs were met as of today!!