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February 22, 2007

"Living Lent"

The Hiders are going nuts for lent!!! Not really done the lent thing much before but we went to a CofE Church on Sunday and they are doing the lent thing big time (as they often do). This year there seems to be a big push on it and they have done some fairly creative stuff. See the site here where there is some great ideas of what you can do for the 40 days. It's not just all about giving stuff up but looking after the world and giving out - all a bit different....

We have little books (one for kids and one for adults) shown on the left with a different 'task' each day - wear a smile, go meat free, be quiet for the evening etc

For the Hiders, our lent list is as follows.....


  1. No TV apart from Friday and weekends - wow that's hard
  2. No arguing for Josh and Es - and after 4 days they have done it so far - brilliant

  1. No chocolate or sweets
  2. No arguing with Es - and after 4 days he has done it!


  1. No chocolate or sweets
  2. No arguing with Josh - and after 4 days she has done it!

  1. No computer - only allowed to get e mails at work
  2. No take aways at all (for 40 days!!!!!)
  3. Read Bible every day without fail!


  1. No chocolate or sweets
  2. Contact a distant & close friend each week

So far I glad to report we are all present and correct in terms of hitting our goals!!! We'll see where the next few weeks takes us......