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August 05, 2008

A very poor Mysore

We all went to Mysore (again) today - mainly to show Paul things there. It was a good day and I think Paul enjoyed it but there was a string of catastrophe's that happened:

Bird sanctuary: You remember the one with the crocs and all? Well it was closed because of 'monsoon rain' - one of the main reasons we went to Mysore!

Dinner: Decided to go for a mid range hotel for dinner. Arrived at about 3.30pm (!) and were tole the dining room closed for restaurant but snacks etc still open. Went upstairs and....

First blow: (for Raj and John the driver) was 'no rice'. No rice I India I cried!!

Second blow: Ordering french fries and when they said they had none they said they had a replacement of 'round deep fried chips' and, surprise, surprise, when they came out, they were 'crisps'!! Arghh!!

Third blow: Es opened her cheese sandwich to find a fly in it!

Fourth blow: Loads of paper in the milkshakes (from the ice cream)!

Fifth blow: Sarah Egg pakora. All the egg was black!

Needless to say we complained at leaving time!

Brindevan Gardens: Remember the lovely place to finish our day with pretty coloured lights and dancing water fountains?? Well we arrived, 5 minutes in and, there was a power cut and the generator didn't work. We walked round in pitch black!!

Crash: Putting diesel in the car and Jon (driver) reversed into a car in the garage

A good day all round eh?? Still, we have all learnt to expect these kind of days - us in India and Paul in China, so we all thought the day was a reasonable success!!

How low our expectations are eh??

Having said all of this we had a few highlights. Es and Josh had an exceptional Elephant ride at Mysore Palace where the mahout let Es sit on the elephants head and ride!!

See the video too:

Cool eh??