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August 06, 2008

Breakthrough and dance

No, this not some kind of new dance routine that Sarah and I have learnt in Bangalore......!!

This afternoon Raj and I took a (very painful) hour and a bit long bike ride through the rush hour to go to visit the Breakthrough Centre in Bangalore. This is probably the best adventure centre around - certainly in Bangalore and is used mainly by corporate clients these days. It's well designed and used although it does not have a huge plot of land.

It was a great opportunity to meet with Robin Paul (the CEO and founder) who is a bit of a big wig in Bangalore in adventure stuff. It was good to see what Breakthrough offered in terms of facilities and how that compared with other places I showed Raj in the UK (such as BODS and Taste for Adventure in Hereford) and what kind of centre Raj has in mind.
At the centre of 'Breakthrough', and the reason it is called what it is called, is a massive rock - I guess 60foot high and as wide which has a tree that has broken right through the rock, splitting it into all sorts of shapes. The bottom pic is the tree coming up through this huge rock and splitting it wide open! Can't really convey how amazing a site it is but here's the pics to try.

Raj and I climbed up the rock and spent some time talking more of the detail of what Raj has in his vision/heart/mind on the adventure centre type thing. All very exciting and good to be doing all this standing on a rock that has been broken open by 'just' some roots...A picture of what we need to happen for Raj getting his land. What appears like a brick wall/humanly impossible situation humanly being broken down with ease by something simple....

Then, this evening we went to NBCLC (see May 26th post) just up the road from us as they had an Indian Cultural dance evening on with some of the India dancers that they have at this catholic retreat centre. Went to my 1st Indian mass 1st (very different to normal as their focus is to do everything in Indian style) and then onto the dance which was highly professional and really quite entertaining. Really good night.

Back home at 9ish to have a curry (cooked by our home help lady Sheila) in pitch black as lights were out again. Almost every night at the moment as Bangalore is on hydro electricity apparently.