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August 01, 2008

Wandering in Wonderla

Went to Wonderla today with the kids and Paul. Got there in time for lunch. Apparently some schools were on holidays today but no sign of any kids!! The place was like a ghost town. very odd. The biggest problem we had all day was not the queues - they were non existent - but the fact that many of the rides needed 5 or more popele on them for stability etc and there was only 4 of us!

We have a great time though. It's a great park. I have been twice and we went as a family 2 years ago when it had been opened 2 weeks. I said to Sarah at that stage 'I bet they don't keep it this nice', but to my shame, they have and the place is as good as ever.

2 of our highlights were:

"Friendly fish" (see pic below left): Koi Carp that come right up and gobble the food off you hand (see pic below)

Feris wheel (see pic below right): Which stands on top of a concrete tower about 300 feet off the ground. You get some stunning views from the park. See below.

Had a great time - weather - cool, staff - friendly, food - good, kids - happy. Job done! Good day..