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July 15, 2008

"Husband time"

No, don't misunderstand from the blog title: Sarah still doesn't have as much as she should do with me (!) but what I mean is 'time with the Husbands...'!!

We had a good chill day today as we had had a busy weekend with the training and all.

In the morning Rob had to go to the local doctors as his guts had been bad for a few days. The rest of us went off 5 minutes walk up the road to a great shop called 'Raaste' - owned by a lovely lady we have met a number of times before called Angelina. That's here on the left.

She has a craft shop where she sells the most amazing array of craft bits and bobs. She also enjoys having kids into the shop to make things. We took the kids an spent some time making earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All great fun and very cheap.

Raj brought Rob back from the docs. to the shop and gave the kids the obligatory bike ride.

Then in the afternoon we went off for our weekly visit to Bits but, of course, as the Husbands were with us it was so much more fun for the kids in the pool etc.

Rob and Tina got some time with some good friends of ours from Church too who came

A nice chilled day!