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July 25, 2008

Finally 'Accepted'

We went to the Accept orphanage today for our last visit. We took the Husbands too. The kids at this orphanage have had a massive impact on us and for me, going there each week, for last 12 weeks, has been one of the highlights of this trip.

We asked permission today if we could take some cake and have a little party - which we did.

Our kids brought with them some money from their school and all of this has now been given to the kids for skipping ropes (half of the money) and a donation towards a new sports room they are building (see pics).

Joe, our contact at Accept is seen here receiving the remainder of the money the kids brought for the sports room.

We reallt connected these kids and will miss each and every one of them....

You may remember the 3 boys I mentioned on the last blog post on Accept. We got an update on them today. They had to move from Accept as there was not enough room for them there BUT they are down the road at another care centre and are doing well.

Here's a reminder of just a few of these precious kids who we have got to know...I have put the pics individually as we have got to know there personalities and that's when you can't ignore their plight.
We are staying in touch with Joe and Accept and will continue to support their work. Join us??