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July 29, 2008

The eagle has landed!!

Paul finally arrived at 12.15am our time after a flight from China to Bangkok and the a stop for a few hours and then to us. It is so good to see him and 'welcome him to our Country' (??!) He's so much fun - the kids have been really excited and, within 2 minutes of getting out of the airport Josh was relaying story after story to him!! Ahh.... Es hobbled there on her smashed toes!

Got home about 1am and Paul sleeping now. I have taken the risk (well it is a risk if you are a Hider!) of not doing an itinerary and seeing how we go as the week unfolds. Very different strategy to normal but then Paul is a seasoned traveller and knows what he wants to see/do so I want him to hold the reigns.

The kids had designed and made a banner saying 'welcome to India crazy Uncle Paul' and Raj had given him a massive plastic garland type thing! Paul looked light some sort of ganster rapper ready with his 'bling' It was hilarious watching the line of Indian drivers queuing up to get their business people at the arrivals gate watching us loony westerners doing all this mad stuff!