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June 20, 2008

Life....or not

Had a sobering day yesterday at the Accept HIV care home and orphanage that we go to each Thursday. You may recall there is a large home/hospice there for adults (all with HIV/Aids) and then the separate children's home (that we visit) on the same site - again for orphans with HIV/Aids.

We have been having such a lovely time with these kids and the welcome we get from them when we arrive is enough to get us welling up every time. It is to be seen to be believed! Those at CLC - ask Tim for more. The kids are so beautiful (in looks and personality) and we are getting so connected to them as they give you so much of themselves. My favourite (if you are allowed them!) is Raoul (pic above). He's just the most engaging, wonderful kid I have known for a long time (apart from my 2 of course!).
Having had a great afternoon with the kids we were getting ready to go and suddenly the (in house) ambulance Accept have arrived at the main door of the adult wing and the doors at the back opened and they brought out a covered body. One of the precious people from the hospital who had died.... Some of the kids (and I) stopped to stare for a few seconds and then the kids carried on playing. I guess they have seen that sight many times before as often when the adults come to the home they are too far gone with full blown Aids and not a lot can be done if they get TB etc.
This moment so impacted me...a life gone...just like that.... And the kids...? What do they think when they see this? All very upsetting and yet within seconds, the moment has changed (for them) and we are all in the round hut where we have stories singing the 'Oke Kokey' with them..... huge smiles on their faces and giggling with delight.....

Life eh?? Or not for one yesterday.....