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May 25, 2008

Outcomes for our time here

Those of you that know me (Dave) well will know that I love targets/goals and cannot live without them. I have tried hard to drop that side of me a little out here but am also being asked by lots of the guys here for help on how to set them/work to them too which is interesting.

Whilst I do not want to be driven targets/aims out here we have always been very keen not to waste our time here and ensure that all that we have given up (salary, home etc) has a reason and purpose to it. In other words we do want to ensure that being here has some clear outcomes.

Tomorrow is the first chance Raj and I will have to sit and discuss what we both want out of the time here even thought it is a month on Tuesday already!!! We have agreed to both come with our lists of what we want to see happen especially as June is a month of focused with work on the trust.
We have lots to do! July is the month we have set aside for training - more later.

So here is our list of what we want to see happen by the time we go home. Raj will have more. Names have been taken out for obvious reasons:

-Keep journal on a daily basis
-Speak to groups when asked to – a massive thing for me at the moment for those that know me!
-Keep blog up to date daily
-Establish itineraries for 3 sets of visitors and ensure their stay is beneficial!
-Ensure Sarah feels I am balancing ‘work’ and ‘home’

The Fishermen Trust (TFT):

-Proposals written for outdoor pursuits land. All relevant paperwork in place. - Just’ funding needed
-Proposals written for 1st hostel. All relevant paperwork in place. Just’ funding needed
-Furnish TFT office
-TFT laptop purchased
-Completley refresh TFT Business Plan
-Set new KPI’s/targets for TFT Business Plan for coming year
-Train Trustees in new way of working (if possible) and reporting
-Establish new system of reporting from Raj to trustees and blog
-Clarify finance issues to split TFT and Raj’s finances
-Identify use of money in CLC account
-Establish a TFT Trust budget ?
-Speak at 3 camps (Church, Avalanche, Efficor)
-Establish 2 residential leadership training weekends – Christian and Business including PR and programmes
-Establish a day retreat with TFT trustees including programmes
-Update TFT blog and establish regular input to that

Raj and I:
-Feedback given to Raj and Trust on my perspective on what I see in the way he works and the way the trust functions

-Support xx to build a house for hi parents
-Support xxx family – money, toys and baby carriers
-Support Sreeni in development of his Church
-Buy xx for xx ('s a secret!)
-Distribute the £1000 we have been given wisely

I'll let you know how we get on and what Raj wants out of us tomorrow!