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May 04, 2008

Hannah Amushri Sreenivas's dedication

A good friend of Raj's and ours too had his baby dedicated today at the Banaswadi Bible Church. For those who don't know dedication is the non Cof E way of a child being christened - kind of!

Some of you will have met Sreeni when we had him come to stay for Christmas 2 years ago. Well now he is married (to Amudha) and they have a gorgeous little girl called Hannah Amushri Sreenivas.

Here's a few pics for those who know Sreeni especially:

Met up again with lots of friends we have made over the years and got the general invites to a 101 people's house for lunch!! Very kind......
The kids had a great time with all the kids there and we all went back to Sreeni and Amudha's house for a stonking hot curry with the temperature of 92 degrees today!!!
Josh got a lift back home by our friend Praveen (don't look Mum and Dad!!) after much arm twisting of Sarah's.... There he is below on the left in the middle.

Mind you 2 kids on a motorbike for Praveen is a breeze after the normal run to church with some kids

(see right)

The temperature continues to kill us all (!!) and it means that night by night we are all choosing what room to sleep in - the one that feels the coolest! This morning I found these two little monkeys had ended up in the same bed!!