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January 03, 2008

Update on Sarah..

There are so many of you interested in how Sarah is doing so I thought I'd update you all this way! Here goes.......

I think most of you know by now that Sarah's cartilage has gone in her hip and so she is having a resurfacing job on her joint today. More info on what this means can be found here.

We went to the hospital at 8am this morning and were told that the hospital has a 'beds crisis' and it is unlikely that her op will happen today. 2 people with the same op needing to happen were cancelled yesterday.

We waited for 2 hours and then things started to move and we were told it is possible but still no beds. They have had to close 4 wards as so many staff are off sick!!
About 11.30ish we finally heard she will be going in to have the op. No idea where she is coming out to though. I have to call later and ask them where she is so I can visit her!!
I thought Indian hospitals were a challenge!!

I'll update you more when I can......